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Philadelphia Divorce Attorney

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Helping You Through Divorce and Family Law Matters in Philadelphia.

Family law issues push deep to the core of our lives. You need a lawyer who you can count on to protect your rights and interests in these emotional issues.

My philosophy in Family law is simple: to provide you with the legal advice and support you need in order to make sound, educated decisions that prepare you for your future.

The Right Steps Toward Applying for Divorce in Philadelphia

I can help you with all types of family law issues, including the complete divorce process. Much of my practice involves contested or uncontested divorce matters such as alimony and division of property, including retirement assets, stock options and business interests.

I have a great deal of experience assisting clients in Family law issues involving children — paternity actions, child custody and child support. I help families resolve matters such as step-parent custody, preserving parent-child relationships in the best interest of children. I also represent clients outside of the divorce process, drafting prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, and assisting with the modification of domestic orders and child support enforcement.

My clients include couples seeking separation agreements, opposite-sex or same-sex couples entering into cohabitation agreements, grandparents seeking visitation rights and victims of domestic violence seeking a restraining order. I am committed to meeting my clients’ needs, no matter what their family legal issue.

A Philadelphia Family Law Attorney, Skilled in Litigation and Mediation That’s Ready and Eager To Help!

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, a Philadelphia divorce attorney serving the Five-County region. Since 1981, Family law and Domestic Relations have been the vast majority of my practice. If you are dealing with these issues in your life, my goal as a Family law attorney is to move you through this difficult period as quickly and painlessly as the legal process will allow.

I began my legal career as a litigation lawyer. As a result, I gained a substantial amount of heavy trial experience, which is rare for a Family law attorney. While most Pennsylvania divorce cases settle out of court, you can feel confident you have an experienced litigator on your side if your case must go to trial.

I also have a strong mediation background, which enables me to focus on ways you can settle your own divorce without having a judge tell you how to divide your assets or how often you can see your children. The American Arbitration Association trained me as an arbitrator. These methods of alternative dispute resolution allow you to take control in a divorce and may save you considerable time and money.

Read What People Have Said About Our Services

Mr. Schwartz is a person who is committed to a fair process and to the best possible outcome for his clients. There is absolutely no substitute for experience, and he has it. I had an effortless mediation experience with him and was more than pleased with my results. He has a unique way – combining calm, sensitivity and smarts. I highly recommend Mr. Schwartz and have done so, to several friends.

– Hope

Lee A. Schwartz is terrific lawyer. Personal, caring yet also focused on the issue at hand, dealing with matters both large and small in the most professional manner. With his intelligence and legal knowledge, he is a rare lawyer whom one wants to have on their side, reacting to the most difficult issue with the focus necessary for legal protection. Should anyone have a legal concern or need for advice, I would highly recommend Lee A. Schwartz.

– Mila

Contact Lee A. Schwartz, a Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia

For more information or to discuss your divorce or Family law case, call me at  215-967-9070!

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