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The Types of Child Custody Orders in PA

Child custody arrangements in PA vary greatly depending upon families’ needs, desires, resources, and parental fitness. Ultimately, a court decides who gets custody based upon the best interests of the child. This article explains the types of child custody arrangements

How Long Does It Take to Divorce in Pennsylvania?

Learn how long a divorce can take and what factors and issues can prolong divorce proceedings from noted PA divorce lawyer Lee Schwartz. A divorce can be completed in as little as 4-6 weeks or can take years. Find out

Marital Separation Agreement vs Divorce Decree in PA

What is the difference between a separation agreement and a divorce decree in Pennsylvania? While they can deal with the same issues and function similarly, they are quite different in the eyes of the law. Learn the differences between a

Custody Officer’s Obligation To Consider

Custody Officer’s Oblication To Consider Factors Interviewing Children In a 2021 Pennsylvania Superior Court appellate case, K.B. V. M.F., the PennsylvaniaSuperior Court has spoken to the custom, in many Custody Officer level proceedings, of notinterview children in making an interim

How to File for Child Custody in PA

How to File for Child Custody in PA Wondering how to file for child custody in Pennsylvania? This article will tell you how. The PA child custody lawyers at Schwartz Law Firm, LLC have over forty years of experience with

Obtaining Sole Custody in PA: A Guide

Obtaining Sole Custody in PA: A Guide Wondering how to file for sole custody of your child in PA? The child custody lawyers at Schwartz Law explain how and why sole custody is awarded to the custodial parent. If you

The 16 Child Custody Factors in PA: A Guide for Parents

The 16 Child Custody Factors in PA: A Guide for Parents In PA, divorcing parents often share joint legal and physical custody of their children. In many cases, parents can agree on the child custody arrangement. In others, a judge


What are the questions we hear most in our office? That’s an interesting question, because there are certainly some very often asked questions by both new and long-term clients. Here are three: I WANT TO FILE FOR CUSTODY OF MY

Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer in PA

Your Same-Sex Divorce Attorney in Pennsylvania Yes, there is now same-sex divorce in Pennsylvania, and there are experienced same-sex divorce lawyers to help you through your divorce. May 20, 2014 will be remembered by many as a watershed date in

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