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Moving Forward: Not Quite There Yet

People oftentimes have issues in their relationships and need answers to pressing legal questions. They need information to assist them in making decisions about their future, but aren’t quite at a decision point. Simply put, getting to decision point requires


In calculating a child and spousal support obligation in Pennsylvania, if the joint net monthly incomes of the parties amounts to $30,000.00 or less, a support formula is used. This formula is called “Guidelines”. The formula is based upon the

Children and Custody Litigation

Many parties to a child custody dispute ask me whether their children will have to testify and  what weight will the Court give to the child’s opinion and thoughts. Parents are understandably concerned whether a child will be asked to

Now That You’ve Decided To Mediate, What Next?

You are at a crossroads….you or your patient/client have decided that it makes sense to mediate your Family Law matter rather than litigate it. However, the question then becomes: How do I select the mediator. After all, selecting your Mediator

Mediation Before The Rings Are Exchanged

As the excitement of the wedding day approaches and the happy couple is attending to all of the details of the approaching happy day, nothing can put the brakes on that growing momentum like one party announcing: “Sweetheart, I think

Holidays and Custody Schedules

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Custody battles Ga-lore My son doesn’t want to go His Father is a Schmo My daughter says his Wife is nothing but a bore…   It’s beginning to look a lot like

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