Philadelphia Child Custody Attorneys

Philadelphia Child Custody Attorneys

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Child custody in Pennsylvania can be as creative as the parties need it to be. After a divorce, there is a perception that one party will have primary custody while the other can expect every other weekend visits. This is true is some cases, but there are many other possible arrangements, including 50-50 or a shared custody arrangement.

We help clients to find creative child custody solutions that make sense for everyone involved and serve the best interests of the children.

If you want to craft a flexible arrangement, consider sitting down with us as your family lawyer. We will apply my wide breadth of experience in child custody law to help reach a solution that works best for you. Call 215-967-9070, or contact our office online to discuss your concerns.

Child Custody in Pennsylvania

There are two types of custody in our state: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is shared in most cases. This means the parties will consult with each other regarding major decisions for the child in areas such as health, education and religion. The parent in possession of the child makes day-to-day decisions.

Generally, one parent will have primary physical custody, meaning the child lives with that parent the majority of the time. The other parent will have partial physical custody. However, some parents have what is called “shared” physical custody of their children equally.

Pennsylvania Child Visitation Laws

In Pennsylvania, visitation is when the parent without custody will visit with the child while the child is in the possession and physical control of the other parent or a designated third party. Visitation is more rare than joint physical custody.

Court-Ordered Custody and Modifications

A custody order is a court order establishing the type of custodial arrangement the parents will follow. The order generally provides for a custody schedule to be followed. This schedule covers weekly visits, vacation and holiday time, as well as transportation issues, to name a few. I help negotiate these agreements through mediation or in court, as part of a divorce settlement, separation agreement or when the parents were never married. My goal is to ensure the best interests of the children, which generally means that both parents are equally involved in the child’s life.

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In addition to helping parents establish custody and visitation arrangements, we can help clients who seek modification of a custody order due to changes in their circumstances. You can be found in contempt of court for failing to follow a custody order, so it is important you talk to a family law attorney if the current arrangement no longer works for you or your child.

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