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The selection of a good family law attorney is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make. Your choice will influence much of your future, including:

At Schwartz Law Firm, LLC., we see our role as helping people through a very difficult time of their lives. Often, people are bitter and angry during and after a divorce. Our goal is to help you get through the process successfully and as an involved and loving parent as quickly and easily as the law will allow.

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Pennsylvania is a No-fault Divorce State

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Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state. As such, the reasons for the divorce are not relevant, except in the case of alimony to a limited degree.

There are two ways to get divorced under Pennsylvania’s no-fault system.

  1. Consensual no-fault divorce: Under this system, a divorce complaint is filed and served upon the non-filing party. Then there is a 90-day waiting period, during which time nothing can be filed with the court. This is called the “cooling off period.” Once 90 days have passed, so long as the parties have agreed upon all other financial issues such as division of property and alimony, if applicable, the court will grant the parties a divorce after they each sign an affidavit agreeing to be divorced.
  2. Nonconsensual divorce: In this situation, one party will not agree to be divorced. The party who wants the divorce must then wait one year from the date the parties separated before that party can ask the court for a divorce. After this one year period, the court will divorce the parties, even if one party does not consent.

Whatever your situation, we provide the advice and legal representation you need to protect and assert your interests. As part of our representation, we help you decide whether using alternative dispute resolution, such as divorce mediation, or litigation will reach a more favorable outcome. We often encourage our clients to try collaborative methods because they are less adversarial than going to court and can save time and money. However, as an experienced trial lawyer, we are ready and willing to fight on your behalf in front of a judge if it is necessary to obtain a fair divorce agreement.

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