Philadelphia Child Relocation Lawyers

Philadelphia Child Relocation Lawyers

Society today offers people a greater freedom of mobility than ever before. Whether you are parent going through a divorce or living under existing child custody and support arrangements, relocation can become a complicated legal matter. Consulting with a skilled family law attorney is critical.

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Child Relocation Laws in Pennsylvania

Relocation is a very hot issue in Pennsylvania when it comes to child custody. Case law is very unsettled as to how courts will deal with a parent who wants to move far enough away so the move will affect the ability of the parent with joint or partial custody to see the child with any regularity.

While one Pennsylvania court allowed a custodial parent to move to Israel, in another case a custodial parent was not permitted to move from West Chester to Delaware. If your move has an impact upon the other parent’s ability to maintain the same amount of custodial time the parent has had, you most likely will need court approval to move with the child. Otherwise, there could be serious ramifications.

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