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Collaborative law, a form of alternative dispute resolution, allows parties in a family law dispute to work out their differences and develop an agreement outside of the judicial system. By settling divorce matters without litigation, the parties involved often save time and money while creating as much of a “win-win” situation as possible.

I’m Lee A. Schwartz, a lawyer serving clients throughout the five-county Philadelphia area. I have been doing divorce mediation since the late 1980s, and I am also a trained arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. Contact my office to discuss your collaborative law needs.

Working Together to Resolve Family Matters

In traditional divorce litigation, couples spend significant money on court costs and attorneys fees and are left with final orders issued by a judge. These orders likely do not take into account the unique concerns and situations of the parties involved, yet both the husband and the wife will be bound to live by the terms set for them.

Though litigation often is the best method of divorce resolution when strong, combative personalities are involved, it is not the only method available. Similar to mediation, an experienced neutral party, often a trained lawyer, facilitates discussion and discovery and leads the parties to amicable terms for divorce concerns such as:

Collaborative law works best in instances where couples have come to emotional terms with the divorce and are ready to move forward without malice. Both parties must be committed to finding resolution to their disputes efficiently to settle upon an agreement and to finalize their divorce.

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To discuss how collaborative law or other forms of alternative dispute resolution may be beneficial in your divorce, contact me, Philadelphia lawyer Lee A. Schwartz.

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