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Divorce is by nature a complex matter even when there are few points of disagreement between spouses. Through divorce, one legal unit — a married couple — becomes two. Property and debts must be divided. One spouse may need to pay spousal support to the other before the divorce and/or alimony afterward. Child custody and child support may be an issue when there are minor children involved. All of these components of a divorce bring with them special challenges and potential glitches, even when a divorce is not contested.

When a divorce is contested, on the other hand, the divorce process can be much more difficult and lengthy.

  • One spouse may try to block the divorce altogether. “No-fault divorce” makes it impossible for the divorce to be held up indefinitely, but disagreement about whether to move forward with a divorce can certainly delay the process. In this case, the spouse who wants the divorce in a non-consent scenario can petition the Family Court to divorce the parties.
  • Spouses may both acknowledge that a divorce is inevitable, but they may disagree on how property should be divided, whether spousal support and/or alimony should apply, or where children should live. The results of a bitterly contested divorce are usually unsatisfactory for both spouses. This is one situation in life that is often truly a “lose-lose” proposition.

It is far better for a husband and wife to make decisions in the best interests of one or both through Divorce Mediation or Collaborative Family Law methods. Even in the case of a contested divorce, we urge our clients at the Schwartz Law Firm, LLC. to participate in alternative dispute resolution pathways to divorce. It is unrealistic to expect that a Family law Judge, with limited knowledge of the specifics of a marriage and a household, will be better able to determine what is fair than for the spouses themselves to work through the challenges of an out-of-court divorce settlement agreement.

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The Schwartz Law Firm, LLC. is home to experienced and accomplished Family law attorneys serving communities in the Philadelphia area. Contested divorce? A lawyer’s advice and assistance can make all the difference in how you will emerge after confronting this great challenge. We have a great deal of experience in trial. We can prepare your divorce case as if for trial while still attempting to resolve your matter through an out-of-court settlement, even in the case of a contested divorce.

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