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An uncontested divorce is generally much less complicated and less expensive than a contested one. If your divorce is uncontested, you may be closer to a satisfactory dissolution of your marriage. The process of divorce in your case may be relatively straightforward and cost-effective. We can explain how. Contact the Schwartz Law Firm, LLC. to schedule a consultation.

Filing for Divorce in Pennsylvania

Mutual consent is a big piece of the puzzle leading to completion of your divorce. At the Schwartz Law Firm, LLC., we have many years of experience helping clients negotiate and formalize uncontested divorces in Pennsylvania. Rest assured that we share your goals of keeping legal costs reasonable, preserving family assets for family members, getting your divorce over with quickly and with the least amount of controversy, and (if there are children), protecting your children from painful custody conflicts, as much as can be done.

No one assumes that an uncontested divorce will be without any disagreements. You and your spouse may have points of minor disagreement — such as who should take care of certain debts, or how visitation with the children should be handled over vacation time periods — but agree on most things. We can recommend alternative dispute resolution methods that have proven effective for other clients of mine who were in similar circumstances. I can also make sure that you are not neglecting anything important such as health insurance for the children or division of retirement assets.

Philadelphia area Uncontested Divorce Lawyers, also skilled in Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

Our clients come to us from communities in the area of Philadelphia. Uncontested divorce? An attorney who understands your goals can be a great help in streamlining the process. As necessary, you and your spouse can resolve your issues through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation to keep the divorce process reasonable.

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