Preparing To See Your Lawyer

Preparing To See Your Lawyer

In preparation for your appointment to see a lawyer at SchwartzJordan, there are a number of documents you should assemble for that meeting. Not everyone has the same documents in their possession. Please review the list below and assemble the documents that apply to you:

  1. Several recent paystubs or documents that reflect your income.
  2. Tax returns for at least the past three years.
  3. Investment, checking and savings account records.
  4. Retirement account statements for defined benefit plans, 401(k)’s, deferred compensation, annuity, profit sharing plans and the like.
  5. Deeds and/or leases to real estate you own or rent.
  6. Pre-marital Agreements.
  7. Titles to motor vehicles.
  8. Documents regarding any inherited money or property.
  9. Documents regarding any pre-marital property.
  10. Business tax returns, shareholder or partnership agreements and the like.
  11. Financial Statements prepared by your or your spouse in the last three years.
  12. Life Insurance policies, with cash values, if applicable.
  13. Documents reflecting stock options or other employment benefits.
  14. An Employment Contract.
  15. Loan applications completed within the last three years.
  16. Appraisals on real estate owned by you or your spouse.
  17. A budget showing your monthly income and expenses.
  18. Documents concerning an debts owed by you or your spouse, i.e., mortgage, loan documents, credit card debt and other debt.
  19. Appraisals of personal property.
  20. 20 Any other documents you believe are relevant.
  1. Current or prior custody Orders.
  2. Any records, such as calendars or notebooks you keep, with records of custodial visits by you and your spouse.
  3. School records and report cards. Don’t forget your child’s IEP if appropriate.
  4. If your child has a serious medical condition, medical reports regarding same.
  5. Any criminal records for you, anyone who lives in the household with your child and the other parent.
  6. Names, address and costs of any daycare providers.
  7. Names of any therapists who your child sees or has seen in the last year.
  8. Give thought to any witnesses you believe would be helpful in a custody case.
  9. The names and birth dates of all people who live with you as well as with the other parent.
  10. Whatever facts and incidents you believe would have a significant impact on this custody case.


  1. Your most recent tax return as well as prior tax returns if your income has changed in the last three years.
  2. Several recent paystubs.
  3. Your W-2 for last year, as well as the other party’s, if you have it.
  4. Proof of unreported income.
  5. Proof of any unreimbursed medical expenses.
  6. Costs of daycare, before or after school care.
  7. Private school expenses.
  8. If you or your spouse owns your own business, provide business records for the last three years.

The more information we have, the better prepared we will be to represent your interests. Tell us everything about your case, good or bad. Not telling us is the worst thing you can do.

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